“Christianity is Unintellectual and Other Myths” Lecture

On October 19, I gave a lecture titled “Christianity is Unintellectual and Other Myths about the Christian Faith.”  I’ve had some requests for materials from the talk.  So in case you missed it and wanted to watch it, Ivan Bucher of Cru has put together a really nice video of the lecture.  A link to the video is below. (Also, if you wanted just the slides from the talk, a link to that is below as well). Thanks very much to Ivan for all his hard work in making this excellent video and posting it on YouTube — you rock, Ivan!

To watch a video of the lecture, click here: Video.

To get a copy of Luke’s slides from the lecture, click here: Slides.

I also wanted to say thanks to all the awesome folks at Cru, InterVarsity, and Chi Alpha for their wonderful work and support in putting the talk together.  All of you did the real work!

And finally, a hearty and sincere thanks to the folks that came to the talk — I had a great time discussing these issues, and I appreciated the warmth and openness of everyone there.  Keep following that rabbit hole!

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