Did My Blog Gain Consciousness and Block Your Comments?

Part of my plot to Own The Internet involves heightened security on my own blog.  Indeed, the difficulties some of you have been having in posting comments are not random.  You thought that simple math was required to post comments: But actually it was part of a complex puzzle that you had to solve.  So when it said “3 + 5,” the answer was not “8″…it was “3.14.”  I assume now that you see it, it’s obvious how it fits into the larger puzzle.

OK, sorry…that was a shockingly uninteresting and false introduction.  Apparently, I am incapable of getting to the point, which is simply this: Something went wrong with my spam-blocking security question.  I don’t know what happened, exactly, but I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation lately, and on almost every single episode some computer gains consciousness and tries to take over the world, thus cleverly highlighting our own humanity in an erudite yet folksy way.  As a result, I’m inclined to think that my blog has gained consciousness and was just messin’ with ya.  We can only hope that it turns into a nice android (like Data) and not some evil entity (like the Borg).

At any rate, I’ve made some changes to the security question, and it appears to have worked…at least, it appears to have worked based on my own tests whereby (in an effort to thwart my blog’s newly-acquired consciousness) I assume an alter ego and try to post comments.  So comments are back on!  I’m truly sorry for the difficulty; I really do value your comments. 

For those who did not get to comment on my controversial post Why Materialism is Not Skeptical, it’s still open and I’m still in the mood for a good discussion about it…if you are.  (I’m not sure it really is controversial, but everyone says that this word “increases the interest value associated with your posts,” so what the heck). 

If, for some reason, you cannot post a comment, please e-mail me directly at luke.conway@umontana.edu, and I will fix it as soon as I can.  We mustn’t let the blog-consciousness easily intercept our communication!

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One Response to Did My Blog Gain Consciousness and Block Your Comments?

  1. Grundy says:

    Testing your comments now, please stand-by.

    Just found your blog and want you to know that I disagree with almost everything you say, but still find your writing-style pleasing and entertaining…at least for an apologist.

    Generally I only find atheists and jews funny.