Luke is Speaking at Cru Wednesday Night at 7:00!

Before we get to the talk implied (nay, directly stated) in the title of this post, I wanted to offer a brief glance backward and forward in blogging time.  To wit: I have read your many awesome and thoughtful comments to my last post where I offered an argument for atheism — and hope to re-invigorate the discussion soon.  Truth is, I have missed getting to dialogue with all of you!  But alas, things like my job and putting food on the table keeping getting in the way of genuine intellectual exchange.  ’Tis a sad world indeed. (Sigh).

Also, I am polishing up a three-part series on the blog-destroying topic of politics and religion, which is coming soon.  And I haven’t forgotten about the beating my own argument for God’s existence took this summer, and still plan on fighting back!

Now, to that speaking engagement: Luke is going to give a talk on A Christian Approach to Self-Esteem on Wednesday, November 12, at 7:00 PM.  It will be in ISB 110 on the University of Montana campus.

This is the weekly Cru meeting, so be apprised that if you are not a Christian, there will also likely be other Christian-ish sorts of things…like singing…and humor.  But all are welcome!

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2 Responses to Luke is Speaking at Cru Wednesday Night at 7:00!

  1. Uh-Oh says:

    I hope your speech went well. Would it be possible for you to give a synopsis of it on your blog, or perhaps an audio/video file of you presenting that speech?

  2. The Apologetic Professor says:

    Thanks, Uh-Oh, my talk was a lot of fun. I don’t have an audio or video, but I am happy to post my talk slides and give a summary — I will work on that after the thanksgiving break!

    Also, I appreciated your excellent comments to my “argument for atheism” post, and I’m sorry I haven’t had time to thoughtfully reply. I hope to actually post a couple of additional things that discuss some of the points you and the other commenters raised, but it’ll likely be a few posts from now. But I did read them and appreciated your input as always!