Who is the Apologetic Professor?

The Apologetic Professor is Dr. Luke Conway, an internationally-known researcher in the areas of Social and Political Psychology (and yes, that is him in the picture, standing on the roof of his house in Missoula, Montana).  His research focuses on cognitive complexity and culture.  Luke (who professionally is called Lucian Gideon Conway III because he thinks it is a cooler name – kind of “French King” meets “Old Testament”), is a tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Montana. 

Luke’s scientific work on the complexity of political figures has been featured in popular media outlets such as the Washington Post, USA Today, NPR, BBC Radio, Search Magazine, and Entertainment and Technology Magazine.

Further, Luke’s scientific work has appeared in some of the most influential academic journals in the world, including each of the top five most highly-cited journals in the field of Social Psychology, the most influential journals in the fields of both Political Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology, and the most widely circulated academic journal in the entire science of Psychology (American Psychologist).  He has also given invited talks at The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Purdue University, the Midwestern Psychological Association, and the Wilderness Society, among others.  In addition, Luke was recently chosen by the Department of Homeland Security to head a prestigious team of the top researchers in the world to study the linguistic patterns of radical group leaders.

If you want more information on Luke’s scientific work, links to news articles and academic papers, and his CV, go to this link for his lab’s web page:  http://psychweb.psy.umt.edu/conway/

Personally, Luke is universally recognized as an exceptionally boring person.  He is singularly blessed with the best wife on the planet, Kathrene (who, despite much pleading, refuses to be called “The Apologetic Professorette”) and the most amazing daughter in human history, Autumn.  He loves his two girls, Griz sports, the city of Missoula, UM, hiking in the mountains, and picnics with his family by Rattlesnake Creek.  On Sundays, you will find him most weeks in the pews of Missoula Alliance Church in Missoula, Montana, where is he a proud member.  He also apparently spends a lot of time on his roof dressed like Billy Ray Cyrus (immediately post-Achy-Breaky).

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